Grit Removal Research Center

See a 4.0 MGD grit removal system – live – in S&L’s one-of-a-kind grit removal system testing facility in Lenexa, KS.

Advancing the Science of Grit Removal

Smith & Loveless’ Grit Removal Research Center — the first of its kind in the industry — features a fully functional 4.0 MGD (15,000 cmd) Grit Removal System for the purpose of developing and demonstrating the latest and greatest in grit removal products. Visitors have the chance to see firsthand the actual grit path and flow patterns of S&L Grit Removal Systems, learn more about what impacts grit travel and grit equipment design, participate in product R&D and explore CFD analysis and grit testing methods.The facility helps us to lead the market as the one company continually introducing new products and developments dedicated to removing grit for the lowest total cost. 

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4.0 MGD Grit Removal System

15,000 cmd

Real CFD Analysis

and Grit Testing Methods