GRIT BASICS: Regional Grit Particle Data
Your region determines what type of grit you'll find in your waste stream.

The Findings
In 2010, GritTech and Smith & Loveless in association with CH2MHIll, performed a comprehensive study comparing grit characterization profiles of 70 full-scale certified WWTP grit tests conducted across all domestic sectors with established U.S. Geological Survey river bed-sediment data. The results of the WEFTEC paper concluded the following:

1) Seventy-four (74%) of all incoming WWTP grit was at least 300 microns and larger, and more than 85% was 150 microns and larger.1

2) The regional influent grit profile strongly correlates to USGS regional river bed-sediment data, demonstrating less than five percent variance between the influent 300 micron particle compositions with the corresponding regional river bed-sediment data. The correlation was closely demonstrated in seven of eight regions; only the Midwest region showed a higher variance (13.8%). Thus regional sediment data is predictive for influent grit samples.1

1 Rippon et. al.; Grit Characterization and the Impact on Grit Removal Systems, 2010 WEFTEC.

National Grit Composition
Micron / Mesh
Average %
300 / 50 80.64%
212 / 70 11.85%
149 / 100 7.51%
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