GRIT BASICS: Grit Movement in Water
Grit doesn't flow like water. So what does that mean?

Controlling Velocity is the Key
The key to effective grit removal is understanding how grit moves in water. Moving grit starts with effective hydraulic designs to control velocity. With proper hydraulics and velocity control, grit can be efficiently moved and removed from the wastewater stream.

How Does Grit Move in Water?
Grit doesn’t flow like water. In a wastewater channel, grit is moved by the water’s velocity currents. Velocities within the channel will move grit to the lowest velocity areas. Ideal velocities to move and remove grit range between 1.6 – 3.5 ft./sec. (0.5 – 1.1 m / sec.). When velocities dip below 1.6 ft./sec., deposition occurs.

Multiple straight currents exist within a wastewater channel, each with varying velocities. Grit will generally be moved from higher velocity areas to lower velocity areas.

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We Help Protect Your Plant and the Bottom Line
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Grit removal success starts with understanding how to manage flow velocity for superior removal efficiency, which is achieved through constant R&D, field experience, and forward-thinking engineering. Beyond that, because all systems are indeed different, one must analyze how purchase price, installation cost, energy use and utility cost will affect the value of the grit system investment.

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